Unless you must watch the Country Music Awards, watch our awesome women’s basketball team at American! https://t.co/JQi1d22GUn

7:00pm November 14th 2018 via Facebook

Do yourself a favor, fast forward if you would like to 1’ 20” and watch Mason reach the Atlantic 10 final in style! https://t.co/U62ufWjZws

6:53am November 10th 2018 via Facebook

When the director of the Mason Chorale, Dr. Lisa Billingham, invites you to wave the Patriots flag during the final… https://t.co/1T1aXhODaM

8:07am April 29th 2018 via Facebook

High school students are setting an example today—of courage, engagement and leadership. They make me hopeful... https://t.co/nZAxtU6Ysq

10:29am March 14th 2018 via Facebook

So incredibly proud of my colleague Michael Nickens and his amazing Green Machine. What a fun and proud moment... https://t.co/40aD5TH9Tp

1:11pm March 11th 2018 via Facebook

Butler, Cardaño-Hillary Named Atlantic 10 Player, Rookie of the Year - George Mason University https://t.co/TN6laAelVP

2:57pm March 2nd 2018 via Facebook

Touring our brand new environmental research and education facility on the Potomac this morning. Studying how... https://t.co/P3qA2GmdSl

10:59am February 13th 2018 via Facebook

What a great honor it was to receive the Honorary Doctorate from my alma mater, Universidad Politécnica de... https://t.co/SIR6WaaWnn

8:02am February 12th 2018 via Facebook

My colleague Dr. Michael Nickens, aka Doc Nix of Green Machine fame, performing with The United States Army... https://t.co/YGBUvL4fq6

11:30am February 2nd 2018 via Facebook

If you’re receiving your PhD this week, you and your advisor must watch the following hooding instructions! https://t.co/iHHCcbs5v1

7:03pm December 19th 2017 via Facebook

Here goes your uplifting Mason Spirit Day story. Really proud of our students (now alumni) and faculty. We Are... https://t.co/uuB5L8QhPg

1:20pm November 3rd 2017 via Facebook

My part starts at around 35', but don't miss Luis González presentation in the opening. This is why why need to... https://t.co/Q2jsIzh67s

2:09pm October 16th 2017 via Facebook

Our great Green Machine gets to play with Lady Antebellum on the big stage. Or the other way around? https://t.co/ZwY8VeSGmh

8:02am June 25th 2017 via Facebook

If you like "Despacito", or you hate it, this video is for you :) https://t.co/hOVySUhVJ8

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I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/96QUi24gG9

9:01pm May 19th 2017 via Facebook

Madrid, de barra en barra https://t.co/nvHVBq7fk6

6:02pm May 15th 2017 via Facebook

I look forward to seeing everyone there! #masongrad17 https://t.co/j7MRk9PEEg

12:03pm May 5th 2017 via Facebook

Truman Scholarship helps clear a path for Mason junior https://t.co/9uGawU9C59

6:52am May 4th 2017 via Facebook

A very flamenco tour of my hometown! https://t.co/9Igm4o3eKs

6:44am May 4th 2017 via Facebook

These International Teaching Scholars, undergraduate and graduate students from our School of Music, and faculty... https://t.co/7vS64GmpcI

9:37pm April 30th 2017 via Facebook

Glad to see CNN, BBC and others take this message globally #itsonusmason https://t.co/7H8TCZlMG0

7:47pm April 27th 2017 via Facebook

Some of what Joe Biden had to say today about campus sexual violence #ItsOnUsMason https://t.co/2NskHJNTOq

10:23pm April 26th 2017 via Facebook

Meet the awesome Mason students who, quite literally, gave Isabella a hand to play violin! #masonpride #masonidea https://t.co/VAKDsLZylH

7:48pm April 24th 2017 via Facebook

Do yourself a favor and end your week with this video. I love Mason students #masonIDEA #masonheart https://t.co/AOV86jD4qK

5:14pm April 21st 2017 via Facebook

No matter where you're from, YOU belong at Mason #ibelong https://t.co/lr69ChzWIn

6:23am April 20th 2017 via Facebook

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/w1gLPCzK07

10:37am April 18th 2017 via Facebook

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/UzfK7i29Sk

10:36am April 18th 2017 via Facebook

Dancing with real stars! Huge bucket list check! https://t.co/OLpFzNST6D

6:38pm April 16th 2017 via Facebook

Best news this weekend: Mason alumna Aya Hijazi, her husband and colleagues are free at last! https://t.co/uLzqzJwPU9

5:20pm April 16th 2017 via Facebook

Best wishes to german soccer team Borussia Dortmund, which suffered an incomprehensible terrorist attack on its... https://t.co/xDMrqyf5a1

8:47pm April 11th 2017 via Facebook

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announces new partnership between Mason and NOVA to create greater access for students https://t.co/0ALpxSkEPp

5:02pm April 5th 2017 via Facebook

NASA grants to fund research of airline accident prevention technology | George Mason https://t.co/SSe0MFSGHC

6:17am March 31st 2017 via Facebook

I really get to work with awesome people! https://t.co/KmGXr3JZue

9:16pm March 27th 2017 via Facebook

The Education Trust names Mason a top institution for black student success | George Mason https://t.co/AJAJ4IhTIO

6:22pm March 3rd 2017 via Facebook

3% of the most powerful arabs in the world went to Mason https://t.co/mXIk1l7LjO

6:15am March 2nd 2017 via Facebook

In case you missed it, the person who received the Oscar to the best foreign movie, The Salesman, on behalf of... https://t.co/4OqwvIndxT

10:05pm February 26th 2017 via Facebook

State award is the 'pinnacle' for Mason professor | George Mason https://t.co/Lv37jIc0cd

9:02pm February 23rd 2017 via Facebook

Congrats to our Men's Track and Field team on their first indoor Atlantic 10 championship!!! #gomason https://t.co/dgyLat2Z88

11:40am February 20th 2017 via Facebook