The Education Trust names Mason a top institution for black student success | George Mason

6:22pm March 3rd 2017 via Facebook

3% of the most powerful arabs in the world went to Mason

6:15am March 2nd 2017 via Facebook

In case you missed it, the person who received the Oscar to the best foreign movie, The Salesman, on behalf of...

10:05pm February 26th 2017 via Facebook

State award is the 'pinnacle' for Mason professor | George Mason

9:02pm February 23rd 2017 via Facebook

Congrats to our Men's Track and Field team on their first indoor Atlantic 10 championship!!! #gomason

11:40am February 20th 2017 via Facebook

When an unexpected email reminds you why you do what you do!

10:23am February 14th 2017 via Facebook

What an experience to watch a screening of "13th" in a packed JC Cinema tonight. A powerful documentary about the...

7:10pm February 13th 2017 via Facebook

I love seeing México celebrated in my home town!

3:48pm January 28th 2017 via Facebook

Celebrating George Mason's birthday in style! (Thx Student Media!)...

2:48pm December 15th 2016 via Facebook

Mason Nation: come join me and Prof. Gregory Unruh this summer in a study trip to my home town of Madrid. My...

10:10am December 3rd 2016 via Facebook

Exploring the digital lives of African-American families

1:20am November 30th 2016 via Facebook

Our mission: "we are an innovative and inclusive academic community committed to creating a more just, free, and...

8:29am November 9th 2016 via Facebook

A Quick Guide to Voting as a Mason Student | Mason Votes

8:59pm November 6th 2016 via Facebook

Fun to be profiled by the College of Sciences at Georgia Tech, where many, many moons ago, I was a graduate...

6:20pm October 24th 2016 via Facebook

President Obama Will Honor Chef José Andrés With a National Humanities Medal

10:13am September 17th 2016 via Facebook

Where construction is tradition! SciTech campus, new education wing, Hylton Center

1:39pm September 16th 2016 via Facebook

Thanks to our Fairfax friends and elected officials for their warm welcome to our new and returning students! We...

5:08pm August 27th 2016 via Facebook

Le più sincere condoglianze a tutti gli amici italiani a nome di la Mason Nation. We are all deeply saddened by this terrible tragedy.

6:16pm August 24th 2016 via Facebook

The view from my office over the last year

5:36pm August 24th 2016 via Facebook

The Mason Team just got a bit stronger with the addition of the great Darrell Green!

1:43pm August 23rd 2016 via Facebook

Verburg, Team USA Win Olympic Gold in 4x400-Meter Relay

3:23pm August 21st 2016 via Facebook

One of the best college towns in America. #justsaying

10:46am August 19th 2016 via Facebook

I’ve aged 4 years since I took this pic. Bolt clearly hasn’t. I want his book

10:17pm August 18th 2016 via Facebook

Can't wait to welcome #mason2020 to campus!!!! (And help with the boxes!)

8:33pm August 14th 2016 via Facebook

Linda Monson named director of Mason’s School of Music | George Mason

2:15pm August 3rd 2016 via Facebook

Celebrating another awesome George Mason University employee: Whitney Sublett. That's how the Mason magic works!

1:55pm August 2nd 2016 via Facebook

Results of philanthropy are plain for all to see | George Mason

12:52pm July 25th 2016 via Facebook

My dear friends at JMU: we are sending you an awesome Father Peter, who’s leaving behind an indelible mark in the...

3:42pm July 21st 2016 via Facebook

I can't wait to visit the new National Museum of African American History! Here's a sneak peek:

10:05am July 21st 2016 via Facebook

Actually, selfie version is more fun! And includes my colleague Julian Williams! Thank you again for all the work...

2:42pm July 19th 2016 via Facebook

Our Black Alumni Chapter is in pretty good hands! Thank you Chant, Janae and David for your service and leadership!

2:38pm July 19th 2016 via Facebook

"All men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter...

8:47am July 4th 2016 via Facebook

Former Mason Standout Verburg Set to Compete in U.S. Olympic Trials

6:10pm June 30th 2016 via Facebook

A todos quienes me preguntan quién va a ganar las elecciones americanas, aquí va un buen análisis estadístico:...

3:54am June 30th 2016 via Facebook

Mason Jazz Vocal Ensemble "The Kicker"

6:54am June 23rd 2016 via Facebook