Understanding the facts of climate change http://t.co/JXeONOcXun #MasonIDEA

1:27pm March 29th 2013 via Instagram on iOS

Can't wait to see the new #MasonIDEA videos in the making http://t.co/pHqYE9TJQQ

5:22pm March 28th 2013 via Instagram on iOS

A side of Spain I have not experienced yet! http://t.co/O2xAXACT by @NatGeoPhotos

3:02pm February 15th 2013 via Instagram on iOS

Resting on the Mediterranean, getting ready to start at @GeorgeMasonU Monday http://t.co/Vw8JrRC2 but 1st we need to beat Portugal tomorrow

5:00am June 26th 2012 via Instagram on iOS