Each of these #fear2freedom teddy bears will be in the hands of a sexual assault victim in a… https://t.co/Kz3EYuFLxk

5:00pm September 20th 2016 via Instagram

What a week for computer science senior Henry Lopez: presenting to the Northern Virginia Tech… https://t.co/Cm4OPGQKMt

3:03pm September 16th 2016 via Instagram

Another milestone in the SciTech Campus, breaking ground for the new education wing for the… https://t.co/TNDqKTGEs9

7:13pm September 15th 2016 via Instagram

Catching up with a back log of entries to the Cabrera-Smith guide to VA BBQ. Log Cabin, Elkton.… https://t.co/1LE3tn4xxD

12:35pm September 7th 2016 via Instagram

EBF Somehouse, Waynesboro, the latest addition to the Cabrera-Smith guide to Virginia barbecue.… https://t.co/pB86H7TGeQ

12:26pm September 7th 2016 via Instagram

Team @masonstudentgov about to defeat Team Fairfax City/County Council to finally bring home the… https://t.co/V9lCGMYwx7

3:16pm August 27th 2016 via Instagram

Among new students, many 2nd and 3rd gen Mason families. In the pic, Nader Atta'89 and son… https://t.co/Qi0jih2hjH

12:42pm August 25th 2016 via Instagram

We're ready for move-in! @ George Mason University https://t.co/Vwcp3YxSMT

8:41am August 25th 2016 via Instagram

Great visiting with @masonalumni @makindel, featured last year by forbes as one of 30 Africans… https://t.co/ulMalBQeGe

12:16pm August 22nd 2016 via Instagram

Beautiful start of the soccer season! And masonwsoc is winning 1-0!!! #gomason @ George Mason… https://t.co/wAfBai5bTM

8:15pm August 19th 2016 via Instagram

My office and the new main gate to campus from the roof of future Peterson Family Building @… https://t.co/Hf8wEqd9MZ

3:50pm August 19th 2016 via Instagram

The Cabrera Guide to Virginia barbecue has a new name atop the 'best pulled pork' list:… https://t.co/0Xtmhbukld

6:43pm July 31st 2016 via Instagram

A very bright groundbreaking for the baseball upgrades. Thx to all supporters who made it… https://t.co/Ez7L01sjDA

2:51pm July 20th 2016 via Instagram

Construction begins on the baseball field! #gomason @ George Mason Stadium https://t.co/P7LEmwwSaN

2:47pm July 20th 2016 via Instagram

Vallenato has taken over Washington! Thank you @wolf_trap Thank you @carlosvives !!! @ Wolf Trap… https://t.co/dF7cZ07395

8:26pm July 10th 2016 via Instagram

Happy early Fourth of July from Fairfax! @ Country Club of Fairfax https://t.co/92D6FWmKJa

10:04pm July 2nd 2016 via Instagram

Moving to hear Madrid Pride organization dedicate this year's events and parade to Orlando… https://t.co/1RNuY6cFCt

5:28pm June 29th 2016 via Instagram

Street music takes on a different meaning in Santiago! @ Catedral De Santiago De Compostela -… https://t.co/veWVMNtBWe

2:26pm June 16th 2016 via Instagram

Classic Santiago @ Catedral De Santiago De Compostela - Espanha https://t.co/zUIVGMYbjt

12:57pm June 16th 2016 via Instagram

A view from our Smithsonian Front Royal campus https://t.co/DrfsCokYcx @ Smithsonian… https://t.co/WGu9R1eCfV

5:22pm June 8th 2016 via Instagram

And the winner is: Beame Up BBQ! The VA Barbecue research program shall continue! @ Virginia… https://t.co/Sn3G8Wr8wJ

12:31pm May 17th 2016 via Instagram

The latest addition to the Cabrera guide to southern barbecue. Foothill Momma's BBQ Juke Joint,… https://t.co/f9v1EH32pC

12:19pm May 16th 2016 via Instagram

LIFE program graduation about to start! Proud of the graduates!!!! @ George Mason University https://t.co/E5lKyy1nTC

6:17pm April 29th 2016 via Instagram

Sweet way to end this year's leadership seminar! An impressive group of students that opened… https://t.co/ZjHZOaO0SZ

4:45pm April 22nd 2016 via Instagram

Meet Nathan Pittman and Gaby Peda, the new student government President and VicePresident.… https://t.co/yQdYdMorUE

8:10pm April 20th 2016 via Instagram

What a treat to have my friend, former @georgiatech @smithsonian chief, Wayne Clough honored at… https://t.co/zUxv8l9qRB

1:30pm April 20th 2016 via Instagram

Great day for Virginia japan relations. @GovernorVA offers the ambassador one one of VA's best… https://t.co/xlw8KoFiLM

8:24pm April 7th 2016 via Instagram

"We must seek to develop and use our minds, not to conquer one another, but to peacefully and… https://t.co/gQGbw4OduL

11:10am April 6th 2016 via Instagram

What an honor to receive @WAC_DC's Educators of the Year for Mason and share stage with the Sec.… https://t.co/CRBm6Q4Iu6

7:47pm March 29th 2016 via Instagram

One of the many campaign events on campus this year: Clinton rally before Super Tuesday. Great… https://t.co/3qSlsa7FjU

4:03pm February 29th 2016 via Instagram

In great company with @docnix12 and senior Emily Mathae #gomason https://t.co/kt1JzalkkX

5:13pm February 13th 2016 via Instagram

Spending some time this morning with our facilities crew gave me an even greater appreciation… https://t.co/gRh8g7VE1x

1:58pm January 24th 2016 via Instagram

It has snowed A TON (on the infallible ping pong table scale) https://t.co/FVJSTZzr37

7:25am January 23rd 2016 via Instagram

The calm before the storm @ George Mason University https://t.co/tsOsRRZYa3

8:50am January 22nd 2016 via Instagram

My new favorite spot on the Fairfax campus: the new library! https://t.co/jfe1ZrArNL

5:53pm January 20th 2016 via Instagram

A fourth of the most valuable ad real estate dedicated to promoting hashtag #HTTR (hail to the… https://t.co/QFOUG67qe6

5:01pm January 10th 2016 via Instagram

Arguably the best place in the world to watch Star Wars: Airbus IMAX Theater! https://t.co/1xpEmQQc7M

4:59pm December 23rd 2015 via Instagram

"As a scientist publishing research I realized I was writing the obituary of our oceans", so Enric… https://t.co/hdWafY4gg1

8:00pm November 19th 2015 via Instagram

#pristineseas @Enric_Sala brings together science, media, political leaders and much more to protect… https://t.co/FXMzgKqh1G

7:44pm November 19th 2015 via Instagram

The great Alan Alda, of M*A*S*H fame, at #APLU2015. He wants all of us to fall in love with science… https://t.co/YPPFPwdygg

12:59pm November 16th 2015 via Instagram

Great to reconnect with old friend, former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano, now leading the University of… https://t.co/MfunRuspTa

6:19pm November 15th 2015 via Instagram

Nice interview with gregoryunruh. His new Social Innovation Fellows program will help many students… https://t.co/e7qbimeMFd

5:37pm November 3rd 2015 via Instagram

Mason Nation: don't mind wearing blue today. Go royals!!! Good luck to @masonalumni Dayton Moore and… https://t.co/YKrPgHjcNo

5:39pm October 23rd 2015 via Instagram

Powerful leadership lessons right in our backyard. I loved spending time with students discussing… https://t.co/DDZo4UJkPz

5:36pm October 15th 2015 via Instagram