Awesome #WorldCup photos! Russia, here we come!

2:17pm June 12th 2018 via OS X

ICYMI, our very own @eaglebankarena ranked No. 1 for university venues in worldwide ticket sales

3:02pm June 11th 2018 via OS X

In memoriam: President Emeritus Charles W. Steger, Virginia Tech. Well deserved tribute to a great man

11:09am May 8th 2018 via OS X

Announcing our first online @georgemasonlaw LL.M. program

2:29pm April 26th 2018 via OS X

Interesting: students are going to college closer and closer to home @EconoFactOrg

4:17pm April 10th 2018 via OS X

A trade war with China is a lose-lose scenario, says @GaryShapiro via @FortuneMagazine

9:04am April 7th 2018 via OS X

A sample of the insightful discussions at the inaugural conf., via @insidehighered

3:46pm April 4th 2018 via OS X

A Mason professor likely to be coming soon to a city near you! #universityfortheworld #fulbright

3:00pm April 3rd 2018 via OS X

Your @MasonAlumni story of the day, via @USArmy. Proud of Monemany Xaysana.

2:40pm April 3rd 2018 via OS X

Doing literally nothing can help you learn better :) (via @bethcabrera)

2:00pm April 2nd 2018 via OS X

Some good news in the fight against tuberculosis (which kills 1.7M a year) #masonIDEA

10:29am March 30th 2018 via OS X

Former Virginia Health and Human Resources Secretary joins Mason to fight opioid epidemic

8:58am March 29th 2018 via OS X

GMU celebrates Pride Week March 25-31st, and @gmupolice will not be left out!

1:53pm March 26th 2018 via OS X

We are not winning the talent war: 17% decline in new international student visas into the US (28% from India)

9:55am March 20th 2018 via OS X

Fewer students are taking foreign languages and that’s not good - via @MLAnews

9:52am March 20th 2018 via OS X

How Much Can a University Make of a March Madness Cinderella Story? (we know!)

2:24pm March 19th 2018 via OS X

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urges Mason students to engage the world, #studyabroad

8:35am March 8th 2018 via OS X

Congrats to @GMUWrestling Ibrahim Bunduka and Tejon Anthony on winning berths to the @NCAA tourney! #gomason

4:52pm March 5th 2018 via OS X

Very interesting step by @ACEducation in the movement to build transferrable credentials, via @insidehighered

9:20am March 1st 2018 via OS X

BOYD AT THE BUZZER! Mason wins at Saint Joseph’s, 79-76 (love the pic) #gomason

12:52am February 22nd 2018 via OS X

If you thought curling was weird, read on… via @NatGeo

3:04pm February 19th 2018 via OS X

Anemic state funding growth nationwide, @RSeltzer via @insidehighered

10:20am January 25th 2018 via OS X

Interesting bets by @tylercowen on Amazon HQ2 location decision, via @business

9:35am January 25th 2018 via OS X

Why Mason is a perfect place to study creative writing

9:23am January 25th 2018 via OS X

Justin Trudeau’s ode to globalization (sans U.S. leadership) and women’s rights @Davos

6:40am January 24th 2018 via OS X

Proud of my colleague, @MasonCEHD Prof. Fred Bemak, recognized with Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award

12:22pm January 23rd 2018 via OS X

Looking forward to Mason day in Richmond next week!

12:14pm January 23rd 2018 via OS X

Higher education investments and business partnerships can transform Virginia, via @RTDNEWS

9:47am January 22nd 2018 via OS X

‘Was Trump right or wrong about immigration?’ @tylercowen consults the data, via @StarTribune

3:17pm January 17th 2018 via OS X

Is your spit the key to learning if you have a concussion? #masonIDEA

8:24am January 10th 2018 via OS X

Apparently university enrollments are down. We must have missed the memo! @NSClearinghouse

2:14pm January 9th 2018 via OS X

Great to see @SCARatGMU disembark at @Mason_Korea, offer its pioneer program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

1:10pm January 9th 2018 via OS X

Virginia sees record number of students earn bachelor's degrees, via @RTDNews

1:09pm January 5th 2018 via OS X

Fast, Cheap Testing for Tuberculosis? Soon It May Be Possible, #masonIDEA via @nytimes

2:28pm January 3rd 2018 via OS X

For the first time, more women than men enroll in U.S. medical schools, via @AAMCtoday

10:59am December 20th 2017 via OS X

Fascinating: climate change communications research meets crowdfunding to produce Super Bowl ad

3:42pm December 19th 2017 via OS X

These two impressive alumnae will be our Winter Graduation speakers. @MasonAlumni #masonpride

12:21pm December 19th 2017 via OS X

Contingent faculty make up 70% of all faculty, teach about 50% of all courses at 4-year public institutions @USGAO

8:29am December 8th 2017 via OS X

Traer Zúrich a España - Mi columna en @el_pais sobre las universidades de excelencia mundial y la competitividad

6:15am December 4th 2017 via OS X

Great recount of Spanish Transition from perspective of my generation (born in the 60s), via @el_pais (sp)

6:30am December 3rd 2017 via OS X

“Trump and his voters are drawn together by shared sense of defiance” @ScharSchool’s @BillSchneiderDC via @NBCNews

3:08pm November 25th 2017 via OS X

What does Virginia's election mean for Md.'s governor? @ScharSchool dean @MarkJRozellGMU via @baltimoresun

4:28pm November 17th 2017 via OS X

Stephen Fuller Sees A Crisis Coming To The D.C. Economy. Can It Be Avoided? via @bisnow

3:26pm November 17th 2017 via OS X

You’re welcome, Canada :(

9:55am November 17th 2017 via OS X

This letter from @ACEducation to Congress explains how universities and students will pay for tax cuts elsewhere

8:38am November 17th 2017 via OS X

Inspiring message from my colleague @RosePascarell to student affairs professionals, via @NASPAtweets

8:13am November 16th 2017 via OS X

Northam and Gillespie's campaign managers reflect on running in age of Trump, @ScharSchool via @washingtonpost

2:21pm November 14th 2017 via OS X

Good summary of last night’s Virginia campaign debrief at @ScharSchool via @RTDNEWS

2:19pm November 14th 2017 via OS X

The ultimate Monday quarterback session for politics buffs: gubernatorial campaign discussed tomorrow @ScharSchool

2:24pm November 12th 2017 via OS X