What does Virginia's election mean for Md.'s governor? @ScharSchool dean @MarkJRozellGMU via @baltimoresun https://t.co/aAZEoN1MW4

4:28pm November 17th 2017 via OS X

Stephen Fuller Sees A Crisis Coming To The D.C. Economy. Can It Be Avoided? via @bisnow https://t.co/FkaNAE3tFL

3:26pm November 17th 2017 via OS X

You’re welcome, Canada :( https://t.co/Gh9u6gSFTq

9:55am November 17th 2017 via OS X

This letter from @ACEducation to Congress explains how universities and students will pay for tax cuts elsewhere https://t.co/QzFtJwsAF2

8:38am November 17th 2017 via OS X

Inspiring message from my colleague @RosePascarell to student affairs professionals, via @NASPAtweets https://t.co/yNNZpQ1dvy

8:13am November 16th 2017 via OS X

Northam and Gillespie's campaign managers reflect on running in age of Trump, @ScharSchool via @washingtonpost https://t.co/9xRdHU3yLM

2:21pm November 14th 2017 via OS X

Good summary of last night’s Virginia campaign debrief at @ScharSchool via @RTDNEWS https://t.co/KvuNph25e7

2:19pm November 14th 2017 via OS X

The ultimate Monday quarterback session for politics buffs: gubernatorial campaign discussed tomorrow @ScharSchool https://t.co/cozEZlXPMF

2:24pm November 12th 2017 via OS X

Alumnae trailblazers to speak and inspire at winter graduation! @MasonAlumni @bethanyhalllong Judge Metzler https://t.co/T8IfdmB7gp

1:21pm November 9th 2017 via OS X

Our graduate students making a big difference #masonpride https://t.co/gnnOR1EhzK

1:18pm November 9th 2017 via OS X

Mason Nation: exercise your ultimate civic right and responsibility and plan to vote tomorrow!!! #masonvotes https://t.co/Ox46F87VMb

5:58pm November 6th 2017 via OS X

What witch-hunters and today’s politicians have in common - Mason colleague Peter Leeson quoted by @TheEconomist https://t.co/0qMFoztRan

4:35pm October 31st 2017 via OS X

One way to increase citation impact: collaborate with someone in a different country, via @insidehighered https://t.co/cK6xxbWNUE

4:58pm October 30th 2017 via OS X

Having difficult conversations about race in Virginia, @ScharSchool @washingtonpost https://t.co/wI8zMMa8ag

7:14am October 30th 2017 via OS X

George Mason University celebrates Choonwon's first publication, cc @Mason_Korea https://t.co/9y0abqfRT4

3:03pm October 26th 2017 via OS X

From @NOVAcommcollege former prez: College leaders play a big role in helping more transfer students graduate https://t.co/AZPU0scudz

2:48pm October 26th 2017 via OS X

Blockchain-supported Digital Diplomas? @MIT is piloting it https://t.co/WLJiQJ49kx

2:45pm October 26th 2017 via OS X

Colleges pledge to continue work on assault prevention - @washingtonpost quoting @RosePascarell + Julian Williams https://t.co/5Kr6VlSnWJ

1:44pm October 16th 2017 via OS X

Business Programs See Drops in Non-U.S. Applicants (while Europe and Canada grow). Canary in the coal mine? https://t.co/OhQsFIQ5iF

12:18pm October 13th 2017 via OS X

Some surprising advice from Nobel Prize winners to young researchers aspiring to join the club - @insidehighered https://t.co/j7AtFHAMzF

12:16pm October 13th 2017 via OS X

With 6,359 freshmen and transfers, Mason reaches 36,000 students for the first time, via @GeorgeMasonNews https://t.co/xB5aTBvRke

8:50am October 12th 2017 via OS X

Nice recognition of @georgemasonu as a Top 10 School for student veterans Nationwide https://t.co/YHG8yNHXcW

9:45am October 10th 2017 via OS X

Protect Dreamers Higher Education Coalition - great information/resource on #DACA via @ACEducation -@MasonDREAMers https://t.co/Ubn0htAYBY

11:14am October 9th 2017 via OS X

Presidential TV jokes is serious business for @CMPAatGMU, via @bostonherald https://t.co/IsDEOWRM47

8:56am October 9th 2017 via OS X

Most Americans Want Climate Change Policies - Scientific American @sciam https://t.co/gWgW4wPYBk

2:37pm October 4th 2017 via OS X

IIE Study Shows That Studying Abroad Has a Direct Impact on Skills Needed for Career Success @IIEglobal https://t.co/G4W3wkTiib

5:42pm October 3rd 2017 via OS X

The feds just tapped this George Mason University spinout to identify the next outbreak, via @WBJonline https://t.co/q67YlheCbR

3:56pm September 29th 2017 via OS X

Disturbing: “Parents Save More for Sons Than Daughters”, via @insidehighered https://t.co/iHaZwjLwJ5

11:26am September 26th 2017 via OS X

Proud of our students’ work to support Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts. Click below to learn how to help https://t.co/3yXA9QKOA4

3:10pm September 25th 2017 via OS X

Five Questions For @AnoushehAnsari - Tech CEO, space traveler (and @MasonAlumni) https://t.co/mtjPpaxO00

3:35pm September 22nd 2017 via OS X

Nice tribute to Ron Carrier who sadly passed away this week: A giant in @JMU’s and Virginia’s higher ed history https://t.co/1Ocq5irzCZ

3:20pm September 22nd 2017 via OS X

Ways to help Mexico recover from the effects of the earthquake, via @TecdeMonterrey https://t.co/AQlFJo1TLZ

9:46am September 21st 2017 via OS X

Many credits are lost when students transfer (that’s why our Advance work with @NOVAcommcollege matters) @USGAO https://t.co/Kcy39zFsQV

9:26am September 21st 2017 via OS X

The unintended impact on diversity of some forms of financial aid, @wpnick @washingtonpost https://t.co/rboZQ6NwIN

4:26pm September 20th 2017 via OS X

Thx @NorfolkStateU for hosting Va. presidents, @SCHEVnews + Rep. @BobbyScott today for discussion on Va. higher ed https://t.co/SauUtzLWRT

8:57pm September 18th 2017 via OS X

We are stepping up our efforts to eradicate sexual violence from Mason. #itsonus https://t.co/A9itIrgHmU

12:50pm September 8th 2017 via OS X

Read how DACA affects @GeorgeMasonU and @NOVAcommcollege students and our communities, via @washingtonpost https://t.co/OoLV1e9lyH

2:12pm September 5th 2017 via OS X

Great way to begin your Mason journey #Mason2021! https://t.co/UQb7q0kYvI

9:41am August 29th 2017 via OS X

Strong message of diversity and inclusion delivered at New Student Convocation, via @GeorgeMasonNews https://t.co/nhDkSa2Nxp

9:39am August 29th 2017 via OS X

New Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning an innovation space for faculty, via @GeorgeMasonNews https://t.co/lLOSQJv2xw

9:38am August 29th 2017 via OS X

Check out this award winning, student-developed nanotech, paper TB test. https://t.co/X3MmntHCi0 #masonIDEA https://t.co/GReMrzYeBY

3:51pm August 25th 2017 via OS X

Oldest man in the world is from Extremadura, Spain, source of 50% of my genes (I’m betting on nature over nurture) https://t.co/yWbQBRvg7n

7:07pm August 24th 2017 via OS X

Mason Economics (some call it Masonomics), #26 best program… in the world! According to Shanghai Rankings 2017 https://t.co/7ixbppvezG

10:02am August 22nd 2017 via OS X

Very excited about the new Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall! Almost there! https://t.co/T17mFYfIi0

9:41am August 22nd 2017 via OS X

Bioengineering program getting even stronger. Welcome Prof. Buschmann to @VolgenauSchool. #masonIDEA https://t.co/TKOUNKNXE2

9:40am August 22nd 2017 via OS X