I don't understand why these running club guys beat me so badly in today's chilling #familyweekend 5K. I tried! http://t.co/CwXPJN1sCR

8:37am October 18th 2015 via iOS

Nice to wake up to this positive message by my colleague Tom Lovejoy, via @NatGeo's Climate Issue http://t.co/mtU22bhENS

7:09am October 18th 2015 via iOS

Some serious hip hop dancing about to happen #masonmadness http://t.co/1m4Kpb4pOI

7:23pm October 16th 2015 via iOS

Why college hasn’t closed the gender wage gap - @crampell via @washingtonpost https://t.co/1Zx5ov6VJl

6:51am October 13th 2015 via iOS

Fauquier 411, a Mason Enterprise Center-Fauquier company that supports small businesses through Fauquier County http://t.co/Ty2OTFGRLr

11:36am October 7th 2015 via iOS

Mason is supporting entrepreneurs also in rural Virginia. Check out Mason Enterprise Center-Fauquier County http://t.co/3PimF8Vywu

11:33am October 7th 2015 via iOS

Lagarde's projection for the global economy matches today's weather: not terrible, just mediocre http://t.co/RIqptcUefy

10:55am September 30th 2015 via iOS

Thank you Judge Mann for sharing the incredibly inspiring story of your daughter Grace with us #fear2freedom http://t.co/ndmovbEVdc

4:32pm September 22nd 2015 via iOS

Come join us now, Dewberry Hall, raising awareness about campus sexual assault, making kits for survivors http://t.co/OZwlI2MUNn

4:05pm September 22nd 2015 via iOS

Campus sexual assault statistics remain painfully high. Join me tomorrow at 4, Dewberry Hall to raise awareness https://t.co/lZXllV8qXQ

7:16pm September 21st 2015 via iOS

Spain wins European final under the leadership of an amazing Pau Gasol. ¡Felicidades! http://t.co/VbDOOarngy

4:12pm September 20th 2015 via iOS

The reason why you won't find a monument to Spain's 1812 Constitution in most Spanish cities but you will in the U.S. http://t.co/HMYC3auoei

7:32pm September 19th 2015 via iOS

St. Augustine's monument to Spain's 1812 Constitution http://t.co/0T4rqMbO4F

7:30pm September 19th 2015 via iOS

What it is like to go to college in the DC area, via @washingtonpost http://t.co/E0heiMV9EJ

4:45pm September 18th 2015 via iOS

Mason Nation: Take action to support sexual assault victims, bring attention to campus sexual assault #fear2freedom https://t.co/5JSumtd3l8

9:59am September 17th 2015 via iOS

King Felipe's visit, great reminder of the importance of studying abroad for so many jobs, incl. his ¡Bienvenidos! https://t.co/8WEUepP972

7:56am September 15th 2015 via iOS

À propos our discussion yesterday at @TheEconomicClub: Is College Tuition Really Too High?, via @nytimes http://t.co/WihxJ9HyNy

8:06am September 10th 2015 via iOS

The economics of generosity: The kindness of neighbours http://t.co/fzra3lV8jW via @TheEconomist

9:50pm September 5th 2015 via iOS

Chasing work-life balance? Stop it, says @bethcabrera vía @WBJonline http://t.co/EMCmoInA7z

2:28pm September 5th 2015 via iOS

Congrats to all @GeorgeMasonU employees who completed a training program this year. That's how we get better!! http://t.co/i9mGm3YTZz

10:57am September 1st 2015 via iOS

Discussions on immigration in Europe ring familiar bells http://t.co/Jb2k9kvUcE via @TheEconomist

9:29pm August 30th 2015 via iOS

"Above all, I have been a sentient being on this beautiful planet, and that has been an enormous privilege" O. Sacks http://t.co/WuV8PuFlSF

7:35pm August 30th 2015 via iOS

Fun party to open Taylor Hall (we should open a new dorm every weekend!) http://t.co/a7kEySb1g4

6:56pm August 29th 2015 via iOS

Attention to detail during move-in: dry-your-eyes tissue available as needed http://t.co/unYC79eksl

4:49pm August 29th 2015 via iOS

Nice tool to compare your income and your beliefs about income distribution, via @OECD http://t.co/X3doq7UCiE

2:07pm August 29th 2015 via iOS

Not the dorm your parents remember! https://t.co/qlRItzj62J

7:31am August 27th 2015 via iOS

ICYMI, what a four megapixel camera can do from a million mile angle https://t.co/8u08nk3FkA

6:33am August 26th 2015 via iOS

Meet our Student Government leadership #diversityisourstrength http://t.co/SUv159iKnZ

11:27am August 24th 2015 via iOS

Advice After Stock Market Drop: Take Some Deep Breaths, and Don’t Do a Thing, via @nytimes (wise) http://t.co/riuf3i8nVy

10:00am August 23rd 2015 via iOS

First-generation college students (including 33%+ of #GMU19) will find this story familiar, via @nytimes http://t.co/Aq1QswuBIE

9:55am August 23rd 2015 via iOS

Glad to see higher ed access/funding take center stage during primary season http://t.co/rAPoAYTnUQ

5:16am August 14th 2015 via iOS

Check out the brand new @GeorgeMasonU website. I hope you like it as much as I do! https://t.co/5lxaFtzoqv

1:24pm August 10th 2015 via iOS

In interpreting primary and election polls, it's important to look at what's being asked http://t.co/n25ycY2PTg via @TheEconomist

3:09pm August 9th 2015 via iOS

Delighted to see the amazing @TbirdforGood story published by @AOMConnect. Congrats!! http://t.co/3bSzXbouci

8:08pm August 8th 2015 via iOS

Past Imperfect - Thoughtful critique of the higher-ed-is-doomed-and-must-be-disrupted movement, via @Chronicle http://t.co/M0nD9CIZli

5:03pm August 8th 2015 via iOS

If you're ever in Rocky Mount, N.C., the Prime Smokehouse is the place! http://t.co/UIZESDje7J

12:16pm August 8th 2015 via iOS

Impressed and inspired by this summer's Aspiring Scientists, from high schools and colleges around the country! http://t.co/nHgGjwNOgz

12:45pm August 4th 2015 via iOS

Which reminds me of one of my summer reads: Plato at the Googleplex, by Rebecca Goldstein http://t.co/93p0gXC4Ql

7:37am August 4th 2015 via iOS

I love my new Patriot Pride t-shirt! #Welcome2Mason http://t.co/E9mYYBUJIq

10:50am August 3rd 2015 via iOS

Loving the creativity in the room. Great planning conference with the university's senior team! http://t.co/zsHYAZPOyd

11:28am July 29th 2015 via iOS

Diversity numbers at @GeorgeMasonU: - students 39% minority - staff 28% - faculty 16% http://t.co/xwL0ejvbtP

10:11am July 29th 2015 via iOS