Thx @starbucks for highlighting Mason's coffee shop among 21,500 possibilities around the world We like it too!

12:25pm July 26th 2015 via iOS

Thx @inesrosalesUSA for sharing these delicious treats with us! The taste is making me homesick

7:19pm July 24th 2015 via iOS

Felicidades @ComunidadMadrid por apostar por la educación bilingüe y por formar a estos líderes del cambio!

3:48pm July 24th 2015 via iOS

Proud to train at @GeorgeMasonU impressive leaders making @ComunidadMadrid public schools bilingual

3:45pm July 24th 2015 via iOS

Fewer families are saving for college and the ones that do are saving less, via @salliemae

11:42am July 23rd 2015 via iOS

@ComunidadMadrid wants all Madrid children to have a bilingual education and @GeorgeMasonU is proud to help

12:14pm July 16th 2015 via iOS

'Tsipras called the referendum to lose' says Josep Colomer

2:04am July 14th 2015 via iOS

Wait, Tsipras wanted the 'yes' to win? Is that why Varoufakis implies? The ultimate shot in the foot maneuver?

2:01am July 14th 2015 via iOS

Great minds think alike?

1:47am July 14th 2015 via iOS

From a childhood friend of mine touring Rome. Who can identify the Patriot? #smallworld #bigmasonnation

2:01am July 11th 2015 via iOS

Inspiring story of Nicholas Winton, Rescuer of 669 Children From Holocaust, died at 106, via @nytimes

3:26am July 3rd 2015 via iOS

Greece’s Debt Crisis Explained - The New York Times

3:01am July 3rd 2015 via iOS

Impressed by this startup by graduates of my alma mater @telecoupm, BQ

5:15pm July 2nd 2015 via iOS

Algunas reflexiones relacionadas con mi conferencia mañana en Casa América, via @el_pais

7:44am July 1st 2015 via iOS

Don Plácido Arango: millones de gracias!

3:58am July 1st 2015 via iOS

Felicidades @chefjoseandres, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, vía @WBJonline

9:47pm June 27th 2015 via iOS

Packed room to wish farewell to @globalcompact chief and dear friend Georg Kell #powerofideas #prme2015gf

7:14pm June 23rd 2015 via iOS

600+ biz schools have endorsed these 6 principles since we wrote them in 2007 #PRME

10:12am June 23rd 2015 via iOS

A mining CEO lectures biz deans on importance of combatting climate change & quotes Pope Francis encyclical #PRME

10:08am June 23rd 2015 via iOS

If we cut incarceration in half (still beating all advanced nations) we could send 2M+ people to college for free

6:51am June 21st 2015 via iOS

Great tool to look in the mirror and understand your own implicit biases. Warning: you may not like what you see

6:45am June 21st 2015 via iOS

I was just introduced to Google Cardboard by my children. Wow! Game changer

6:17pm June 19th 2015 via iOS

The fascinating intersection of science politics & religion, dissected by @washingtonpost with @GeorgeMasonU data

4:44pm June 19th 2015 via iOS

What public university presidents discuss when they get together

3:07pm June 18th 2015 via iOS

I wish it didn't need to be asked: Why Do Public Research Universities Matter? Some good answers:

12:38pm June 18th 2015 via iOS

Sen. Lamar Alexander to @APLU_News presidents: we need to simplify higher ed regulations (little argument)

8:59am June 18th 2015 via iOS

GE's chief defends trade, ExIm Bank as key to U.S. competitiveness, @TheEconomicClub

1:32pm June 17th 2015 via iOS

The impressive W. T. Woodson Class of 2015 and many, many fans

2:27pm June 16th 2015 via iOS

In great company with @efillercorn at Woodson HS graduation. Terrific energy. Congrats!!

12:59pm June 16th 2015 via iOS

Why is productivity not improving at the rate all the AI hype would predict? @tylercowen #2machine

11:23am June 11th 2015 via iOS

Let's see how powerful the Cabrera Bump can be!

3:08pm June 6th 2015 via iOS

Come on Jon, you know your Virginia schools better than that! via @TheDailyShow

9:08pm June 5th 2015 via iOS

Hard to feel good unless we learn to be comfortable with discomfort. Great talk by @toddkashdan

2:23pm June 5th 2015 via iOS

Want to be plugged into Mason? These are the best sources:

1:03pm June 5th 2015 via iOS

Once again Mason becomes the scenario of the U.S. presidential race!

11:50am June 4th 2015 via iOS

Great piece on pedestrian life in suburban Washington

10:46pm June 2nd 2015 via iOS

The knowledge economy may be working less well for boys than for girls, via @TheEconomist

8:13pm May 31st 2015 via iOS

We finally checked out @chefjoseandres' latest DC creation: @chinachilcano. Verdict: A+ (delicious fusion)

10:14pm May 28th 2015 via iOS

Nice catch @burkeandherbert bank! Congrats on recruiting dean @NutterSarah to your board!

3:27pm May 28th 2015 via iOS

One of the best practices highlighted in our report on campus sexual violence: #startbybelieving

12:52pm May 28th 2015 via iOS

50 million thanks to Dwight and Martha Schar for their unprecedented investment in cancer research

1:56pm May 18th 2015 via iOS

@GovernorVA announces the creation of the Dwight and Martha Schar Institute of Cancer Research at @InovaHealth

1:54pm May 18th 2015 via iOS

@TheEconomist takes on the massive subsidies that inflate debt and their consequences

7:11am May 17th 2015 via iOS

In great company with Mason TV superstars @OhMyGOFF & @HalaGorani. Can't wait to Hala's Commencement address tomorrow

9:22pm May 15th 2015 via iOS

Announcing an exciting partnership with @EagleBankCorp today at 10 in the Patriot Center

6:59am May 7th 2015 via iOS